Cancellation - If you cancel your booking at any time there are cancellation fees. For a further explanation on why fees are charged please visit our FAQ. We recommend you take out travel insurance as soon as you book.

We will provide refunds under the following conditions:

  • 100% refund less fee: 21 days or more notice
  • 50% refund less fee: 14-20 days notice                                                                                                                                   
  • 25% refund less fee: 4-13 days notice

No refund will be payable if you cancel with less than 4 days notice.

Fee means:

Where you paid via Stayz Credit Card the fee is 10% or the greater of the the nearest dollar to 10% of the full tariff. For example if the tariff is $475 the deposit will be $48.

Where you paid by another method the fee will be 10% of the total tariff. If there are additional administration fees you will be notified in writing before you book.

For bookings via Stayz Online Booking Service

If you wish to vary or cancel your Booking please log in to and amend your Booking.

Should you be eligible for a refund it will be made through Stayz Online Payment System and then credited to the credit card linked to your Booking.

Variations to these conditions may only be made by prior arrangements with the owner in writing. The owners reserve the right to change these conditions at any time. We recommend you print these conditions at your time of booking and on presentation of the printed version we will honour the conditions relevant to when you booked should you wish to cancel. Without proof of conditions that applied when you booked the owners will apply the conditions at the time of cancellation.