For all our mates coming to stay…

Some hints from Harry (Short Haired Border Collie) and Tully (Red Kelpie) - owners of The Hide @ Mt Franklin.

How we would like other dogs to behave on our property.

Morning walks...


What to bring with you:

  1. Clean bedding for you to sleep on.
  2. Clean sheets or throws to put on the furniture if you are inclined to lounge on the couch!
  3. Several towels to dry you off if you have been outside when it is wet or you have been for a swim in the dam.
  4. Your favourite toys.
  5. A coat if you are here in winter and you feel the cold.
  6. Your FOOD BOWL and FOOD!!! ( Don’t stress, the shops are only a 10min drive away!)

During your stay please...

  • honk your horn so Sue and/or Lisa can greet you.
  • park outside the double gates and ask your folks to put you on a lead to enter The Hide. When getting back into the car at anytime please make sure you are on a lead before you leave The Hide.
  • go with your owners when they go out as you may bark from ‘separation anxiety’ from being in a strange place!  We live on the property and enjoy our peace.
  • be mindful of our large mob of kangaroos that graze regularly in the paddocks.  Please don’t chase them or the ducks and geese, they’re our friends and chasing kangaroos is very dangerous.

  • be aware that we have chooks, ducks and geese in our house garden and of course if we are around we are very protective of them and our property. It would be better if you didn't walk around our house garden.

About The Hide....

  • We have made a 12m x 6m fenced area for you as part of The Hide.
  • There is a gate into the back left hand paddock.  From this gate you could ask your folks to take you into the paddocks for a run and/or a swim in the dam if there are no kangaroos or geese OR on a lead up to the gate that leads you to the driveway for a big walk along Sawpit Gully Road.
  • You are allowed inside The Hide to stay warm and dry in front of the wood burner or cool in the summer months. Some of you will enjoy being outside in the yard watching the parade of wildlife and farm animals.


  • Please clean up your number 2’s (bags provided) and put the bag in the rubbish bin.
  • You might like to sleep under the doona of your folks’ bed at home but at The Hide it’s not acceptable because the human sheets end up smelly as does the bed and other humans staying don’t really like that much! So please don’t do that so we can ensure dogs are always welcome at the cottage.
  • When you leave please ensure that The Hide is left hair free and all droppings are  disposed of in bags provided and placed in the bin. Please take 5 minutes before you leave to check the grass and furniture, cushions and rugs.  The vacuum in The Hide is just a dust buster and not for serious hair vacuuming. So, if you need a better vacuum please let us know and we'll supply you with one. 

Just remember your folks take full responsibility for you and your actions and any damage you cause to property or other animals will be the total responsibility and cost to your owners!

We know you’ll enjoy your break away with your family so we have left some ‘treats’ for you while your folks enjoy their glass of wine.

We are proud of the fact that people who have stayed without dogs have commented on how “one would never know dogs had stayed at The Hide” so…

Here’s to dogs having a fab time at The Hide.  ENJOY ! 

                                                                   Harry and Tully