Simple sour dough bread making workshop

Why not spend some of your time staying at The Hide @ Mt Franklin learning how to make your own sourdough bread?

We have developed a simple course that teaches you how to make bread and keep your leaven (starter, wort, mother) for your bread. You will even have plenty of time to go out for lunch, go for a walk, rest a while. There may be an opportunity to practise kneading the dough however most of the course is instructional.

The fee is $100 - for one or two guests in the same party or $175 for 3 or 4 in the same party.


Morning Session - 9am -10am

Meet at our Mt Franklin home instruction/demonstration and preparation of leaven and dough for bread.

Morning tea - tea or espresso coffee with home baked cake or slice

Sue and Lisa will bake the first set of loaves before the afternoon session. 


Afternoon session - 3pm- 4pm

Back at the house for baking of second set of loaves and in the meantime….

We will serve you 

Freshly baked sour dough bread with Meredith Goat's Cheese, tomato and basil while the 3 loaves are baking. Add $10 per head if you would like a glass of local red or white wine.



The 2 sessions are needed to observe the rising and proving of the bread at various stages.





lots of good things to take home

  • leaven to make bread at home
  • flour to feed the leaven
  • flour to make your first loaves of bread
  • instructions on how to make bread (inc pictures)
  • bread to take home
  • bread making tins (extra cost and must be ordered in advance*)


* To have the bread tins awaiting you at the course you will need to order them at least two weeks prior to the day to allow for deliver. The three tin set is ideal for the bread we are teaching you to bake. The set costs $80 which includes delivery. 


If you would like to book the bread making course please complete the form below. We will then contact you to let you know if we are able to run the course for you, the total cost and how to pay.

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Date you would like to do the course
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Would you like to purchase bread tins? *
If you would like to purchase bread tins you will need to let us know at least 2 weeks prior to the course. The supply of the tins will be subject to availability. The tins are as described above. Please indicate how many tin sets you require.
Would you like wine? *
We offer a glass of good quality red or white wine with the bread tasting in the afternoon session. Where there are more than one person in the group please indicate the number of glasses of red and the number of glasses of white in the message box below. Cheers!