Q: What time is check in and check out?

A: Check in is any time after 2 pm and check out is 10.30 am. 

Q: Can we request an early check in or late check out?

A: We are only able to confirm the availability of an early check in or late check out just before you arrive as it depends on bookings around the time of your stay. The tariff for changes to check in or check out are as follows:

1 hour deviation - $20

2 hour deviation - $40

We do not offer anything more than a 2 hour deviation unless you wish to book another night.

Q: Do you offer any other activities?

A: If you would like to learn how to make sour dough bread we offer a single day course during your stay. You spend around one hour in the morning and 1-2 hours in the afternoon so there is plenty of time to go out and have lunch and/or exploring. If you would like to know more about this please go to our sour dough bread making page. We require at least 7 days notice and the offer is subject to availability and maximum numbers.

Q: How many people can stay ?

A: The Hide Studio has 2 queen sized bedrooms and a day bed which could sleep 1 person. The Hide Homestead  B & B has 1 queen size bed and can accommodate 2 adults.

Q: How do we get the key?

A: We will usually greet you at The Hide Studio and at The Hide Homestead B&B and will also send you directions and other important information a few days prior to your arrival. Where we are unable to meet you we will provide you with details about how to enter your accommodation.

Q: Can we bring our dogs or pets?

A: At  The Hide Studio we allow dogs but we're sorry we don't allow cats.  We cannot accommodate dogs at the Homestead B&B. You must receive our consent and agree to our terms and conditions before you can bring dogs to The Hide Studio. When you book to stay you are agreeing to these terms. We have prepared a letter from our dogs to yours which outlines what is expected of them and their owners. If you would like a copy of this letter emailed to you please let us know, otherwise you can download it from our Pet Friendly page.

Q: How many dogs can we bring?

A: Because we want you to be able to have your dogs inside we will only accept a maximum of 2 dogs (no matter the size). 

Q: Can we leave our dogs at the Studio to go and have a massage or treatment or out for a while?

A: The answer is a definite no. Our experience is that pets left in a strange place become stressed and we know you wouldn’t want that. This can lead them to incessantly bark, be destructive or do things they wouldn’t normally do inside. We therefore recommend you organise to have a mobile masseur visit you (there are many and we are happy to provide a list) at the cottage or, where there are couples, have one person stay at the cottage with your pet. We will not allow pets to be left alone. There are many cafes and restaurants that allow dogs either in their courtyards or on the pavement. We can also recommend a masseur that can come to your cottage. When the weather is cool you could consider taking them in the car with you. That's what we do when we are away.

Q. Do you supply firewood? (Hide Studio only)

A. As the the wood burner is the only source of heating at The Hide @ Mt Franklin Studio we provide wood for you entire stay. The Hide Homestead has instant gas heating and no wood burner or fire place.

Q. Do you have air-conditioning?

A. As we state elsewhere on this site and other booking sites, because we are totally solar powered it is not possible to have air-conditioning and to be frank we rarely have a need to for it as the evenings usually cool down considerably, allowing the accommodation to cool right down. We also have overhead fans in every room which work very well and we supply top sheets if you want to kick the doona off. Occasionally we have days and evenings where the temperatures are high with no opportunity for cooling down. We recommend you check the weather forecast for Castlemaine before your stay and come prepared. We apologise if during your stay the weather is hotter than usual and you are used to air-conditioning. It might be reminiscent of summer holidays in the 60’s (if you were around then) :).

Q. Do you have a coffee machine?

A. No, we have seriously considered it however on balance we have decided not to have one in either cottage. Firstly, the only practical option is a pod machine (so every guest can easily operate it) but pods are not good for the environment. Secondly, it is not far to get a great coffee in town. We have plungers and an espresso pot (in The Hide Studio). 

Q: Is it ok if we leave unwashed dishes on the sink or leave the BBQ dirty when we check-out? (The Hide Studio )

A: Our hearts sink when we are confronted with this. We don't charge a cleaning fee in the Studio so we hope guests leave our properties as they found them. Having to wash and dry dishes adds at least 30 minutes to our cleaning time, let alone the time having to clean the BBQ. We purchased a Weber BBQ because they are the best BBQs around and are easy for guests to clean. It is our desire to not have to add cleaning fees to the tariff.

Q: Do you have one night stays?

A: We welcome one night stays at The Hide Homestead B & B. The Hide Studio has 2 night minimums on weekends (and longer on holiday weekends) but may offer single nights midweek. When you check availability you will be able to see the minimum nights required. One night stays midweek will attract the weekend nightly rate and one night stays on weekends will have a cleaning fee of $30 added to the nightly rate.

Q: Is there an iron and ironing board?

A: The Hide Studio has an ironing board that is small but just ask if you want a bigger one.  Both are in the wardrobe in The Hide Studio.  We can supply you with iron on request at The Hide Homestead B & B.

Q: Is there a hairdryer?

A: Yes - in both accommodations.

Q: Are there any special clothing suggestions?

A: Check the weather forecast first. In summer it tends to cool down in the evenings so we recommend you bring something warm to wear at night. If you plan to go walking at all bring some sturdy shoes/boots. Also it is nice to have slippers to lounge around in (if you are so inclined!)

Q: Can I organise to have something special like a bottle of bubbly or other supplies on arrival?

A: Yes, please just contact us to discuss.

Q: Why can’t I smoke in or outside the cottages?

A. The Hide @ Mt Franklin is in bushfire prone areas (see below).  There can be dry grass any time of the year and it is very easy for a fire to start simply by a spark or butt.  The fires near Daylesford in 2009 were started from a cigarette butt.  For the consideration of all guests there is no smoking at all inside either. 

Q: What mobile reception is there?

A: Telstra and Optus are good in the area, Vodaphone does not appear to work anywhere in the area. For other providers please check their website. Particularly in summer, it is our preference that you have a mobile phone switched on at all times so we can contact you for any urgent matters.

Q: How do we pay?

A: When you book via online booking agencies we are listed on - Airbnb, HomeAway and Booking.com you will pay different tariffs depending on the fees each of these agencies charge you and us. When you book directly with us you don't pay these fees but you might prefer to use an online booking agency as they offer some protections (please refer to each of the sites for further information). Please refer to our Rates & booking enquiry page for more information about our tariffs.  As a guide you are generally paying over 10% of our tariff to these agencies and they also charge us at least 3% (depending on which agency). They do not provide any details on the percentage they charge you and how they work it out - they just provide you with a dollar figure.

Airbnb and HomeAway will bill you direct and Booking.com contact us and request that we charge you directly. We then pay them a commission. If you book through us directly we have a credit card facility available.

Q: What if I don't have a credit card?

A: You need to contact Sue by phone (0427 547 644) so we can discuss you paying by bank transfer.

Q: How often are the sheets and towels changed?

A: If you stay and pay for less than 7 nights the sheets and towels are not changed until you leave. For longer stays we change them on the 8th day. If you would like the sheets and towels changed at other times there is a charge of $40 per couple or room and subject to availability.

Q: What is your cancellation policy?

A: Please visit our Terms and conditions page for all of the details.

Q: Why do you have cancellation fees?

A:  Firstly, cancelling a booking requires administration time and we may incur costs from the booking agent if you used one. Industry standard is to charge a percentage of the booking (usually 10%). Secondly, it may be difficult to replace your booking, depending on how close to the date of the stay the cancellation takes place. The cancellation fees are greater the closer you get to your booking date because it will be harder for us to replace your booking. We will always endeavour to find a replacement for your booking and if we do, we will refund any equivalent cancellation fees less the 10% fee for administration. Depending on the circumstances we may offer a credit for another stay, but this is discretionary and subject to conditions. Where a credit is offered and accepted by you, we will not provide a refund where your booking is replaced by someone else. If you make your booking through Stayz Online Booking Service and cancel via Stayz you will be subject to the Stayz conditions which will be outlined on the Stayz site and any correspondence you receive from Stayz. You can cancel by going to http://stayz.com.au/login.

Q: What if I have a complaint?

A: We take complaints very seriously and have a complaints procedure outlined on our terms and conditions page. You will find it at the bottom of the page.

Q: Will I be on your mailing list?

A: Only when you book and stay with us will you be on our mailing list. Unless you notify us otherwise via phone or email, we will assume you are happy to be on our mailing list for the occasional newsletter and special offer. We will not share your information with any third party and will not bombard you with mail. You will also be given the opportunity to opt out whenever you receive emails from us.


Staying at The Hide  - rural property

Q: What precautions should I take when staying at The Hide which is a rural property?

A: The Hide is located inside our "house paddock". The Hide is within a fenced area also. Outside The Hide fenced area and the "house paddock" there are cows, dams, tall trees, shedding, native animals and long grass. If you choose to go outside of The Hide fenced area, particularly if you have children or dogs, you should take care wherever you walk particularly, but not limited to, when you are under or near trees, walking in long grass, approaching the cows, walking near any shedding and walking near the dam. It is not advisable to walk around in high winds particularly near trees and outbuildings like sheds. We recommend you wear long pants and solid shoes. Please do not allow small children to be left unattended.

Q: Are there any snakes?

A:There are potentially snakes anywhere in the country (and even in the city). It is rare for us to see more than a couple of snakes a year and usually between September and April. Snakes generally do not bite or attack unless they are harassed or feel threatened. Wearing appropriate pants and shoes during the warmer months in long grass is advisable.

Victorian Fire Season Information and policies

The questions and answers below form part of our terms and conditions you will be agreeing to in the event that you book to stay at either of our cottages.

Q: Are you in a bushfire prone area?

A: All of Victoria, country and city is potentially at risk from bushfires. Daylesford and the Hepburn Shire (in which we are situated) is no exception. The fire season generally begins in December and runs through until at least March but can be earlier and or later depending on conditions. The Country Fire Authority (CFA) and the Department of Sustainability and Environment (DSE) manage bushfire information. You should familiarise yourself with what can and cannot be done on Total Fire Ban days, particularly when it comes to BBQs and outdoor fires. We have a policy for guests in relation to bushfires which is outlined in the following questions and answers as well as in the kit supplied in the cottages. Please visit the CFA website for information prior to your visit at http://cfa.vic.gov.au

We recommend if you have a smart phone that you download the CFA Fire Ready App. We are happy to assist you to set it up. This app is great to let you know if there are any fires in the area. We will also endeavour to ring you during your stay if there is anything to be concerned about. This means you must have your phone on and within range for us to be able to contact you. We cannot take responsibility for keeping you informed about fire activity.

Q: What happens if an Extreme day is declared by the CFA?

A: Even though a day being declared Extreme doesn’t necessarily mean that there are going to be bushfires, it does mean that there is a greater risk.Whilst we will not ask you to leave or not come (if you are due to arrive that day), we request that you make your own decisions. If you decide not to come or leave the evening before the declared day we will give you a credit for the night not used. We recommend you call us and discuss the prevailing situation to assist you with your decision. You must understand that we cannot take responsibility for your safety under bushfire conditions. Please go to the CFA website for more information about bushfires.http://cfa.vic.gov.au

Q: What happens if a Code Red day is declared by the CFA?

A: Even though a day being declared Code Red doesn’t necessarily mean that there are going to be bushfires, it does mean that conditions are likely to be perfect for a fire, so the risk is higher than usual. If you are due to arrive on a day that has been declared Code Red we will ask you not to come to any of our cottages for your own safety. Instead we will give you a credit for the night (s) not used.  If you are already staying with us and the following day has been declared Code Red, we will ask you to leave on the evening the Code Red announcement is made and we will give you a credit for the night not used. We urge you to go to the CFA website to familiarise yourself with the definitions.http://cfa.vic.gov.au