You'll Soon Be  Arriving At The Hide Homestead!

We thought you might find it helpful if we gave you a few last minute tips before your stay.

Eating Out 

As the Homestead does not have any cooking facilities, microwave or BBQ we expect you will be planning to eat out in the evenings. We appreciate you considering our next guests by not bringing food that has a strong odour into the Homestead.

If you are arriving on a Friday or Saturday night we recommend you decide where you would like to eat before you leave home, contact the restaurant to make a booking and also find out when the kitchen closes. Friday nights are very tricky for restaurants in Daylesford as it is difficult for them to know how many people will show up. If they aren't very busy it is not uncommon for them to close the kitchen before 8.30pm. Popular restaurants and eateries also book out quickly on Saturday nights so we recommend you make reservations for Saturday night too. If you would like some suggestions about where to eat, head over to our favourites page and our restaurant reviews or use the usual methods of checking out TripAdvisor, Urban Spoon etc. 


There is quite a temperature difference between Central Victoria and Melbourne. In summer it can be considerably warmer during the day (but it generally cools down in the evenings) and in winter it can be very cold. We recommend you consult weather information before your stay.

If you plan to go for walks on the road or through our paddocks we recommend you have sturdy walking shoes or boots and long pants (even in summer) because of the grass seeds and insects and possible (highly unlikely) reptiles.

Always bring something warm to wear in summer as the evenings can be cool to cold and even the days can get really cool. In winter if you are going to go outdoors a coat and warm clothing is recommended.

A hat for shade in summer and warmth in winter is a good idea. A pair of slippers to wear inside can make you feel extra comfy and at home.


The larder and fridge in the Homestead will be stocked with tea, coffee and sugar.  We provide breakfast provisions for your first morning which consists of our home baked sourdough bread for toast plus spreads (butter, Sue's jam/marmalade, peanut butter, vegemite and honey from bees on our property), home baked muesli, low fat milk, plain yoghurt and apple juice from Harcourt.  The crockery and cutlery is suitable for breakfast and nibbles such as cheese and biscuits only. You can order breakfast for subsequent mornings for $10 per guest.

We take away your dishes each morning to wash them and to set up for your next breakfast (should you wish to order). In the meantime, should you wish to wash any dishes, we have supplied a washing up bucket under the bathroom sink.

The Coles Supermarket in Daylesford has a pretty good supply of groceries (Corner of Bridport & Albert Streets and open 7.00 to 22.00 daily). 

Over summer the mosquitos can be annoying so we recommend you bring your choice of personal insect repellant. We supply fly spray for indoors and we're guessing you won't want to spray that on your body?



There are beautiful walks in either direction from our gateway. You can walk as far and for as long as you like.

A few suggestions:

Sawpit Gully Road

This is a lovely walk - we do it every morning. You get great views of Mount Franklin, different properties along the road and some lovely bush. Birds galore in the morning, especially wagtails, wrens, magpies and kookaburras.

Turn left at the top of the driveway and just keep going straight. Be mindful of the intersection. If you get to Sawpit Track which is off to your left you have walked about 2km. The numbers on the property gates indicate how far the property is from the highway. For example, our property is 205 which means we are 2.05 km from the highway. Number 410 is 4.1 km from the highway and therefore 2.05 km from us. Once you go beyond Sawpit Track there are no properties with numbers so you will have to go by time or use a smartphone app like Walkmeter that uses a GPS to track your walk - it is very good.

Around the block

This is a nice walk with views of surrounding properties and bush.

Turn left at the top of the driveway and at the intersection turn left. At Church Lane turn left and then at the letterboxes on the highway turn left back down Sawpit Gully Rd to The Hide. This walk is about 6km and will take between 1 hour and 1.5 hours.

Check to save disappointment

Some tourist businesses, shops and restaurants close at certain times of the year or days of the week. To save disappointment we recommend you do some investigative work before you come by checking websites and/or calling. For example, the Chocolate Mill closes all of February.


Please head to our FAQ page as there is some very important and useful information there.

Be prepared!

To relax and unwind.

Getting here

Please use the directions we sent you rather than GPS as you will be sent to the wrong address if you use GPS.


We have a manual in The Hide Homestead which has lots of information including how operate the tv and DVD as well as things to do in the area. If the information you are looking for isn't in the manual please don't hesitate to give us a call. We also recommend you read the FAQ page on this webpage as it has some very important and valuable information.


If you think we have left anything out we'd love your suggestions so just go to our contact page and send us an email.