A ritual lucky to experience

Today we were sitting on our verandah enjoying the gorgeous sun when we noticed strange sounds coming from across the creek. At first we thought it was a kookaburra trying to laugh but then we saw a mob of kangaroos on the hill hopping around chaotically, into and around and away from a large gorse patch. As we sat and listened the grunting noises became louder and then there we very loud growling sounds. It was quite alarming and we thought that perhaps a dog was mauling a kangaroo. We ran down to the creek and as we got closer we discovered that there were kangaroos inside the patch of gorse making the noise and big males were hopping in and out. Females and joeys were hopping away up the hill then turning around and coming back as if to check out what was happening. This whole thing continued for at least 10 minutes. I captured some of it on my iPhone video.