January/February 2016

The weather has been mainly warm to hot with a few cool days. We don't get to the beach over summer as we need to stay close to home but we have enjoyed sitting out on our verandah under the grapevine watching all of the wildlife activity. Lots of kangaroos come in every night to graze on what little grass there is. Honeyeaters flit round the flowering plants and Willie Wagtails protect their nests from Kookaburras, Ravens and Magpies with great courage and gusto.

We are hand feeding our 6 remaining cows for the first time since 2010 which shows how serious this current drought is. We had to put our beloved Mabel down before Christmas as her injured hip just wasn't getting any better. She was a lucky cow in many respects. She was born on our property and died on our property. What a character she was. We miss her a lot. I'm not so sure her mother Amy (18) and half sister Daffodil (12) miss her though.

We're going to Kazuki's restaurant for Lisa's birthday in February so stay tuned for a review. We only hear good reports.

For the doggy fans.

Harry and Tully both turned 13 before Christmas. Over the last 12 months they have both had their hearing deteriorate - some selectively we're sure. Now we arrive home and barge through the kitchen door before they even know we're back. They still love their morning 4km walk down Sawpit Gully Road and back. We used to have a yellow ball in the fork of a tree half way down for the mid-walk ball game but on vet's advice we have replaced the ball with a rope throwing thingy which means they don't twist and turn and inflame their increasingly arthritic backs and hips. Tully wakes us up at 6 each morning demanding her breakfast followed by the pestering until we put our "walk clothes" on and pick up the leads. She is our personal trainer and we appreciate her forcefulness. So despite their age they are still very active and they don't look their age. The vet says Harry's bloods are those of a much younger dog. Lucky Harry!