What a single day can be like living where we live.

It's only 4 pm and already today has been full on! Our day started with a very distressing text from our best friends in Musk to tell us their beloved Lucy (their 6 year old Golden Retriever) had died over night and they didn't know why and that they were a mess and would contact us later. We still don't know what happened but we managed to organise to take some dinner over later to help them grieve. We are half expecting Harry and Tully not to wake up in the not too distant future but they are 13 and have had a good life.

We took our dogs for a walk at 7.30 and then at 8 I went across to feed the 3 horses and collect some wood. On the short drive home I was looking at our back paddock towards the dam and I saw a kangaroo lying on its side in the paddock and it had just started to rain. It was likely the male kangaroo I had seen a week or so earlier on its own which I had noted as odd. Yesterday it was almost in the same spot as today but it was upright and eating. I made calls and left messages for the local wildlife shelter. 

Next the builder arrived in a not so happy mood. His worker had not shown up and was not going to show up today and he was right in the middle of completing our periscope window in our new bedroom. 

At about 10 some friends arrived with their pet goose Bruce (who is a girl goose)who we agreed might be better off at our place as we have 5 lonely males. It was an emotional separation and our friends left with no guarantees of safety for Bruce. Nevertheless on three occasions I had to reunite them and at one point I had to pick up Bruce and carry her to the boys.