January 2017

I just saw that I haven't written anything since this time last year. That is unbelievable. So much has happened too. 2016 was a year of loss for us. The greatest loss being Harry. I see that I was bragging in my last post how healthy Harry was and yet by July 4 he was gone. Looking back he had symptoms of nasal cancer for months, if not years (looking back at some old videos of him) but those symptoms could have been for an allergy or object up his nose. What finally led us to have a CT scan on his nose was the increasing wheezing he suffered and to our horror we was diagnosed with inoperable and incurable nasal cancer. Two months later we decided to do the kindest thing as he was finding it more and more difficult to breathe at night and to sleep. He died peacefully at home and is buried under a beautiful blue Japanese umbrella in the turning circle. 

But Harry wasn't the only loss. First there was Daffodil one of our beloved Amy's calves. She was 12 and had serious hip issues. Then in August Amy was diagnosed with Lumpy Jaw (an infection in the jaw that eats away the bone over time). She was nearly 19 and was our first cow and the only one we could pat. We miss her dearly as we miss all of our departed cows. All of our cows have been buried on the property. 

We were down to 4 cows and as the drought had broken we needed more lawn mowers. Welcome 4 new Mini Belted Galloways from Portland. Bonnie, Duff, Lachie and Jean have settled in well and to our amusement they stick together and the all black Dexters stick together like football teams. The belties would be Collingwood and the Dexters the All Blacks. It is wonderful to look out and see the bright white belts in the paddock, especially after some rain.

Not long after we lost Harry our three remaining geese decided to leave us and join the flock next door. Their absence is conspicuous. Whilst we used to complain about their droppings and the squeeking and squawking we do miss them but understand why they would prefer to be in a bigger group (although one of them has since been taken by foxie).