Meet Mackie - the black kelpie pup

How time flies and so much has happened. It seems I am posting sad things but this post is both sad and happy. Our most beautiful Tully had to be put to sleep just on 4 weeks ago. She was such a huge part of our lives and routine. You just don't know how quickly life can change - in the blink of an eye. We had no warning of Tully's demise and all of a sudden she was gone - buried beside Harry in the turning circle. But just as quickly, Mackie arrived. Providence perhaps. An innocent enquiry about future puppies to Tully's breeder in Tasi and a week later we are picking up Mackie, niece of Tully from the airport. She is 5 months old, black and the most beautiful personality. She has had no training but in the 2 and bit weeks we have had her she has learnt so much. As you can imagine she is a very spoilt dog. We are learning a great deal about training puppies and are now devotees to crate training. It is more about making us not be slack and lazy but it works. Google it!